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Southern Avalon Tourism Association
Southern Avalon Tourism Association

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Optimum Health concept
Optimum Health concept

Cozy Inn B&B concept
Cozy Inn B&B concept

What Can SanSome Do For You?

  • Work with you to design a website based on your needs
  • Provide your website name(domain name) registration
  • Provide your website hosting service
  • Administer your website for you
  • Create email accounts associated with your website
  • Provide content writing and digital photography services

Why Choose SanSome?

A SanSome website is a functional and reasonably priced alternative which
can be specifically tailored to your small business.
With over 25 years in customer service, computers and sales, SanSome
understands the needs of business owners and their customers.
SanSome Web Design can work directly with you to provide content writing,
professional product photography & processing, and site updating
to ensure your site is appealing, informative and relevant.

What We Offer:

At least 1GB of storage so you never have to worry about running out of space
Loads of reliable bandwidth so your site can grow as it attracts more visitors!
Your own customized domain name, like www.mybusiness.com.
Custom email addresses like myname@mybusiness.com, or email can
be sent to your existing address.
SanSome web hosting uses at least six backup servers located throughout the
USA, so even in the event of a power failure or network trouble your customers
are automatically routed to another server, guaranteeing no disruption of service!



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